I am always happy to do limited scope record lookups, or guide a client through beginning a family tree or making a legacy full family ancestry book.  But for the most part my work consists of breaking down brick walls.  Most of my clients find me after they have explored all other avenues and are "stuck".  For that reason most of my work involves going back to the early 1800's and before, bringing families out of the shadows.  In New York vital records were not required as civil registrations by law until 1880.  For the census, before 1850 the members of the household are given only as tally marks in an age range.  This does pose a challange, but in most cases not an insurmountable one.  Many churches have records going back to the 1700's.

Each project begins with a survey of available records.  If applicable I prepare a report with brief histories of the relevant towns and churches that are most likely to address the questions we wish to answer.  For other projects an email outline is more appropriate. Using basic information submitted by the client along with this survey I prepare a suggested research strategy along with an estimated range of costs.  I do not charge for this report, and it usually contains some new findings.

As research progresses we correspond with informal updates.  Each major phase concludes with a formal findings report.
My Typical Genealogy Project
Last modified June 2016