Visit my blog Shadows, Echoes & Footsteps for news, announcements, discoveries and shares.  The name comes from this little paragraph that describes my passion for genealogy:

Forgotten Legacies: At some time during our lives, most of us will dream of achieving fame; almost all will fall short.  But, for better or worse, we all leave a legacy for those who follow.  Time erodes the knowledge of this legacy, but still it lives on in the descendants of those we touch—our stories disappear but the fractals remain as part of an infinite mosaic.  Just as the archeologist recreates past cultures from skeletal fragments and pottery shards, so the genealogist recreates ancestors’ stories, from a chance sighting here, a glimpse of shadows there, chasing echoes down the corridors of time, tracking footprints across continents and oceans, until enough flesh is added to the bones.  Yes, we can see them if we try!  They cry out to us from the mists: “Find me.  Tell my story.  I was once important to someone.”  The genealogist hears these cries and must answer.  We really have no choice in the matter—you see, we are obsessed.

Apologies for my busy season and office move keeping me from new blog postings of late!!
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Last modified October 2012