Hello Valerie,   I was totally shocked—and  in awe—of all the information you sent me.   
                                   . . .Thanks again!   Bonnie in NC          

Valerie,  You are indeed a true Genealogist, both in knowledge and heart.  I truly thank you for your time and effort and interest in a puzzle.  You picked up on many things that will help me.  . . .Forever grateful,  Betty

Your discoveries just continue to blow me away….
                                                                                 . . .  Steve

I can't tell you how much fun it was to hear from you and I appreciate your time taken.  Obviously you are an accomplished genealogist. I'll be out here in the hinterlands plugging away.        Thanks again!!!!       . . .  Doris

“You have answered one of the most perplexing problems in my research.  You've given me so much wonderful material, I don't know how to thank you sufficiently.                            ...John
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