The first step of any genealogy project, large or small, consists of determining the research goal: what do you wish to learn?  Next I do preliminary research to learn what records are available to serve that goal and develop a research strategy.  With this information I am able to prepare for you a scope of work proposal, tailored to your unique requirements. (How do we do this?) Every project is different, both in goals and presentation, so it is difficult to generalize.  A few ideas:
  • Beginning family tree assembling two or three generations.
  • Help you break through your research brick wall.  I specialize in discovering maiden names and using collateral name research to reveal the hidden ancestor.
  • Develop a CD  or web archive to share with family

Drop me a line or an email to discuss your goals.  We begin with a few emails and from there I offer one or more suggested paths of research.  If you are unsure of what you want to learn, that is fine, I can help you narrow it down.

Interested in booking a lecture for your society, taking a class or getting one on one coaching?  Visit my teaching page for lectures and classes offered.
Genealogy Research
Last modified September 2012